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Monday, March 10, 2014

New Plot for New Partnership!

Science Center Welcomes the Banneker/Doyle CTC

Last Saturday was an amazing day at the Science Center.  A 3200 sq. ft. plot was cleared of overgrowth and debris to make way for the new Banneker/Doyle CTC (Career and Transition Center) vegetable plot.

Banneker/Doyle CTC has both a horticulture and culinary arts strand which has partnered with the Christensen Science Center to plant, grow, and harvest produce as part of their educational program.

The event was well attended.  Parents and teachers from Banneker as well as 39 high school students from San Pedro High School participated in the event, giving them the opportunity to earn their Service Learning hours.

No one could have been more surprised and appreciative than the principal of Banneker,   Dr. Christopher Eaton, who couldn't thank everyone enough for their hard work and
dedication.  Dr. Eaton wrote in a email, "it was nothing short of astonishing what the group accomplished."

The plan is for the plot to be ready to harvest this fall.  With this type of enthusiasm, I'd say they were off to a great start!